Hello & welcome to my web site.
My name is John Creedon & I was born in 1972 in Cork Ireland moved to Preston in England in

At the age of 13 I joined the A.C.F. Army Cadet Force.( Q.L.Rs) Queens Lancashire
Regiment .
I left the A.C.F when I was 16 & joined
the J.L.R.R.A. Junior Leaders Regiment
Royal Artillery for one year training &
moved on to the regulars

12 Minden Bty on parade.


At the age of 17 I moved on to 12 Regiment Royal Artillery who were stationed in Germany.
Barracks in Dortmund was to be my home for the next 5 years.
I was posted to 12 Minden Battery.

Five years later 12 Regt
moved on the Paderborn & 2 years
after that I left the army.

The medals on the left hand side are
what I picket up while I was in the army.
The 4 medals on the right hand side are
what my grandfather got in WW1.
Including the military medal for taking
out a German gun position.


I left the army in February 1997& today I am still living & working in Germany.
I am married to a German girl & have a gorgeous little daughter.
Having them 2 shouting at me all the time is just like being a recruit again.(brilliant!)
So as you can see I have always been interested in the military.

Shortly after leaving the army I was at a car boot sale in Germany were I found a K.V.K 2class & 2 tinnies!
I got them quite cheep & believed thay were worth a fortune ya?
That`s haw I started collecting WW1&2 military memorabilia.
Over the years I`ve been finding things on military fares in Germany & Holland on line actions & car boot sales & advertising in the paper & gradually got my collection to gather.
I no its not the biggest or the best collection but I am proud of it.
The collection is constantly growing & I am learning more & more
its a good hobby & keeps me out of mischief.

I am always looking for new things for my collection, so if you
have any thing from 1WW & 2WW or know any one how has
things to sell or swop pleas let me know at

































































Thanks for looking at.